Photography for me is a way to release my creativity. For years I used paint, pen, and paper. Several years ago, I discovered the art of photography. Being who I am, I had to learned everything I possibly could about the camera and photography. I signed up with New York Institute of Photography and after about 18 months become a graduate of NYIP. I am really glad I need. They taught me about the camera, inside and out. I learned about exposure, shutter speed, aperture, and most importantly lighting. I learned how to make an ordinary object look extraordinary by using different lighting techniques. I am still learning new things today. I study other photographers and their techniques. With the growing technology, photography will keep growing and expanding also. I am grateful to be a photographer today. Although, many people say there’s not a lot of money in photography, I beg to differ, this art form has many avenues and many ways of being extremely profitable. One just has to be willing to keep learning and exploring the many changes in the art.


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